Do you have friendship goals?


So I know lots of people talk about goals in different areas of their lives – but have you ever had friendship goals?

As you know for some people (for me in particular as my family are in blighty’)  – friends are super important. In fact sometimes more important than family.

But as we get older, our friendship circles can get smaller as people move away, have different/busy lives or people just come apart for no real reason. But hey! We still need friends don’t we?

Friends are a type of relationship. And relationships are important – why?

Relationships and friendships magnify the human experience.

Imagine going to the top of a mountain and looking at the view. Going on your own- how is that experience?

What about going there with someone else? Friend or partner? How much better is that? Your experience is magnified yes?

Can you see what I mean by it magnifying our lives?

So back to friends.

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Did you know that? I did a video about that HERE if you are keen to know more on that subject.

So who are you friends and do they influence you?

Be honest too. Do you see them out of feeling guilt? Or do you see them because you truly want to hang out with them and you both give each other support, kindness and love?

Evaluate the people surrounding you. Are they your Ra-Ra team (cheerleaders)? Do they cheer you on or bring you down? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to them and feeling bitter or disappointed? Or do you have nothing in common anymore? Do you feed off of each other and its non-stop laughs?

Its a great idea to think about your peeps. Especially this time of year. If you have goals that your people are not going to support you on – find people who will!

They don’t have to live near you either – you can find friends online and talk on the phone. Last year I met a few friends online (Facebook actually) and now we speak regularly and support each other via phone calls, emails and sms. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

So back to you and your friendship goals.

What are they for 2016?

Who would you like to spend time with or connect with?

Do you know what your new friendships would look like?

What ways could you deepen your current friendships?

Food for thought I’m sure.

Ciao for now

Emma xx

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