BABY Week 2


Listen to the 12 min audio below. Please note there could be adult language…

The outcomes of week 2 are:

  • You will learn effective goal setting
  • You will learn about fear and gratitude – we suggest that you get a book or journal to use as a gratitude diary

Apart from listening to this weeks recording and starting some goal setting – I have ANOTHER TASK for you!! And its a way cool one!

YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A PLAYLIST! Yes that’s right, you will make a list of at least 7 songs that inspire you, move you, wake you up and make you smile! You can get the playlist and put it on your phone/ipod/mp3 player/CD in car whatever! And CRANK IT UP! You can name it whatever you like and use it whenever you need to get moving or want to feel empowered/happier/strong/determined. Share it and others will be inspired! How cool is that?

Click to listen to audio