BABY Week 4


This week is all about FOOD!

We can’t assume that we all know the basics about what to eat/what not to eat/when to eat/do I eat carbs?/whats a protein?….. so to make it easier, I have included a hand out on exactly this! Click here to print it and read at your leisure.

In addition, here is a Quiz you can use to gauge your knowledge on food/nutrition. You could ask your family or friends and see how much they know?

Its hard as we hear so much on the TV/Internet, in magazines and other places on what we ‘should’ be doing – it gets quite confusing! It also doesn’t help that people we turn to for help (Doctors etc) do not  get trained in nutrition in their 7 years of medical school. True story…ask them!

We get overwhelmed by it all… then make incorrect food choices for us and our families. Supermarkets know how to get to our psychology and make us buy stuff too! Its everywhere!

I do suggest that you start with the basics.

·         Did it come out of the ground/off a tree? Yes? You can eat it
·         Was it processed more than twice? Yes? Don’t eat it…!
·         Stay away from ‘white’ foods – bread, rice, pasta, sugar etc
·         Drink min 2 litres of water
·         Stay away from soft drinks and sugary foods
·         Eat carbs at lunchtime or in the morning so you have time to burn them off during the day

Another thing (I don’t want to further confuse you) – when you exercise and you have carbs in your belly (perhaps from the night before), you are only burning off the carbs when you do cardio. UNLESS you have a good fitness level (that’s when you go into anaerobic activity and the body uses body fat as fuel!). There is actually a science to it!

Click HERE for a great article on heart rate monitors too.

So over the years I have accumulated a fair bit of knowledge/books/videos on the subject and I would love to share them with you.

·         You must watch Food Matters. Its a documentary that changed my life. Click HERE to get this! Make your family and friends watch it too… you won’t regret it.
·         The second doco on this subject is called ‘Hungry for change’. Again you can watch for free on youtube – another life changing documentary!
·         Click HERE for a book called ‘Eat Awesome’ by a Canadian called Paul Jarvis. It’s a large PDF and you can either print it off or read it on your ipad or kindle/computer
·         HERE is a video I did on juicing…there are more recipes HERE and HERE. Also watch ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. It will blow you away!

Here are a few more websites:

This information will keep you going for months and months, so take your time to go through it. Learning (or re-learning) about food is something you shouldn’t rush into. Add bits and pieces into your lifestyle as you go along and you will find that you will stick to it and start telling others!