BABY Week 5


For week 5 we are focusing on ‘relationships’. Relationships are everywhere in our lives – and quite simply they are to magnify our existence on earth! Imagine standing at the top of a beautiful mountain admiring the view on your own. Kinda cool? Sure…. but what if you are standing alongside someone else? Wouldn’t that just magnify the experience even more?

So the first thing we will cover for this week is the 5 Love Languages...

Why are we doing this? Because when we know what our language is (and someone else’s) we get a greater understanding of why we do things…plus we get to WOW the people around us, by knowing more about them.

SO – Everyone has their own LOVE language and we are going to discover ours. Watch this 20 min video on it (Click HERE) and then use this cool questionnaire to work out your love language. Click HERE for questionnaire.

Yes! work out your partners one, your friends and your kids! Its an amazing tool to use to help communicate better with them. And isn’t that what everyone wants?

Part two  – this week focus’s on dealing with stress.
How do you deal with stress in your life?

Do you take it onto your shoulders and carry it?

Do you brush it off and never think of it again? Or does it sit somewhere in between?

Everyone deals with it differently – there really is no right or wrong way. It all comes down to us.

I will wager a guess that since you have been doing the Gratitude Journal…your stress may have alleviated somewhat? As soon as we feel stress/tension/anxiety and come back to gratitude…the weight does feel less doesn’t it?

So my friend, what other ways can you deal with stress in your life?

You need to understand you are the only one who ‘feels’ the way you do and it really is ‘what you focus on, you get’. As an example, if you focus on a certain person being a certain way towards you…guess what? They do, as its you thinking it! We have no clue as to what is happening in other peoples mind’s… and I am quite sure you don’t want to! (I co-wrote an e-book a few years ago which covered this topic in more detail. Click here to get it for FREE.)

Stress – ok, so what do you do? What do you want to do? Getting frustrated, angry, cranky, overwhelmed is normal. Its totally ok to express these feelings – what isn’t resourceful is ‘hanging onto them’.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is FEEL the emotion…you can even give yourself a time frame for it. Eg 5 mins. Then let it go.

Feel the anger, bash the crap outta the pillows/lounge for 5 mins and breathe. That’s it.

Hanging onto things or burying them is not helping. Feelings like these are fine to FEEL.

Just don’t waste your energy on them long term. You can even get particular on these feelings.

For example, only on a Monday morning at 7.33am get your anger out for the week. At least then, you know you allowed yourself to do it.

What other ways can you release stress, or in fact ensure that stress doesn’t even come near you?

Exercise is an amazing tool. Especially boxing! No, jokes aside… going for a walk or run, doing group exercise, lifting weights or even doing Yoga can ensure you feel great. Think about it – after a walk or some other type of exercise, do you feel crap? No. So keep doing it!

Then what about relaxing? I know on a personal level, learning to relax can take time. In fact the best way to start is to listen to meditations that talk you through a process. I have collated a few of them for you to download onto your computer (then you can chuck them on your iphone/ipod/MP3 player). If you need a hand with this, just ask me. They are the following:

Yoga Nidra 1 – This is about 20 mins long and is the equivalent of 3 hours sleep!

Yoga Nidra 2 – Similar to above, slightly different though

Green Rolling Hills – Short meditation spoken by a lovely lady called Simonette

Deep Silence – Short meditation spoken by a lovely lady called Simonette

NOTE: please give it a few mins when you click the links. The files are larger than normal.

Look, there are a million websites on how to meditate. A million books and CD’s…it can certainly be overwhelming to find some good (and easy) ones to start with. I suggest the above ones as I have used them for years and know that they work! A good website to refer to is HERE if you need it.

Give yourself permission to have at least 5 mins a day for YOU. You deserve it.

Let me know how to go.